Sunday, 24 June 2018
The colour of Merbau hardwood is pretty dark brown with reddish tone. Merbau is widely used due to its beautiful look and excellent physical characteristics, such as hardness, moisture resistance and susceptible to termite attack. It can also withstand the dramatic weather changes and does not split, crack or warp.

Country of Origin:
Indo-Malayan region








- Strength
Merbau is almost as stable as Teak. Although comparable to hickory in strength, Merbau has a much lower density.
- Flexibility
Merbau can resist deformation and can easily withstand any weather changes.
- Stain-ability
Burmese Teak floors does not stain well due to the high oil content that protects it from rot and wear.
- Colour
One of the distinctive properties of this wood is that the surface of the boards may have yellow "flecking" in the pores; thus, when finished, the wood may appear almost flecked with gold.


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